Coat Colours

British Giant Rabbits generally show in a variety of common colours. The are generally accepted by the British Rabbit Council as White, Brown/grey (Agouti), Dark Steel, Black, Opal, Blue. There is also the Yellow Continental Giant which has originated on the Continent.

 British Giant Rabbits

This is a fine example of the White colouring, the fur should be as white as possible, not cream, he has red eyes. It's also possible to get the White British giants with blue eyes.

British Giant Rabbits

Dark steel grey British Giant Rabbits have brown eyes and a dark blue under colour. They are allowed white bellies, but rabbits with a darker underside are preferred in show. The colour is ticked evenly across the head, ears, feet and body, and one dark bar is permissible on the dark steel grey British Giant's back feet.

 Opal coloured British Giant Rabbits have  a pale blue top colour superseding the intermediate fawn coloration in the form of a well-defined band. The under colour in these rabbits is slate blue, and their eyes match their body colour! Opal British Giant Rabbits have blue-laced ears. Over the slate under colour, the eye circles, belly and underside of tail are white.

Brown grey Continental Giant Rabbit  Brown Grey British Giant Rabbit

Brown-grey British Giant Rabbits have grey, brown, or blue eyes. Their colour is evenly ticked over their tails, feet, bodies, heads and ears. They have white bellies.

Blue British Giant Rabbit

Blue British Giant Rabbits have coloration like Dutch Rabbits, and may be blue to blue-grey in colour, which extends to the base of the fur. Their eyes are brown, blue, or grey.


The black British Giant rabbits have blue or brown eyes, and the colour may range from jet-black to blue-black, with the colour carried well down the coat.

Yellow Continental Giant Rabbit

This unusual coloured rabbit is what is recognised as a Yellow Continental Giant rabbit, as yet they are quite rare in this country, and are mainly imported from Belgium and Holland. Their colour has only recently been recognised by the British Rabbit Council.


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